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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" good morning. the big question, was it a tornado? the national weather service will be in lancaster county today taking a close look at all of that damage. power line storms destroyed several buildings including a school house. report of a barn collapse with animals trapped inside but the good news right now, there are no reports of any people or animals getting hurt. i know they will be out there trying to confirm if it was a tornado or not.l be out there we'll have what they will check off and see what it was. first look at the system. it's huge >> it still is huge. we're looking behind it last night what happened last night with that squall line. that's what we're going to start things off. you can see how things evolved there. that squall line was dangerous. look at that. this again is last night's radar.
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i don't want you to get too nervous as we track what happened last night. what you're going to notice from last evening around 7:00. >> 7:00:30, you can see the lightening, doppler indications of rotation here as well and when that rolls in, we started to see some of the storm damage reports come in. these are some other area reports we had throughout the evening went go back in time about 12 hours or so, we have flooding damage and we also are thunderstorm wind damage come in from the town of white horse, about four miles north of gap, where again, several buildings as we just said suffered wind damage and there were reports of 40 different homes that got damaged from this tracing a two-mile long path according to reports and moved southwest along philadelphia pike. the watch came out around 3:00 and upgraded to a warning around 7:00 p.m. 7:fellow is when we got the report. what is weather service going to go out and look for, they're
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going to confirm or deny if it was a tornado was it straight line wind or tornado? regardless the damage is done, but was it other than that depends on the way the within lined up with straight line wind you would see debris get pushed all in one direction. straight line wind. it's in the name. all the debris sort of goes in one direction; right? if it's tornado you're going debris scattered around, twisted in nature. that's what they're going to assess, so later on we'll have the confirmation. yes or no? was it a tornado or not? regardless the damage has already been done. we're not done with the winds yet. nowhere near the strength of what we saw last night. but we're going to continue to have to deal with the wind speeds throughout the day. gusts easily into the 30's. these are your current sustained winds out of the southwest. very warm outside. we also still have a handful of flood warnings posted across portions of our area back towards lancaster county, most notably western chester, upper
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bucks, lehigh valley and also couple of choice locations, philadelphia county is included there, by the way. our dayplanner feature erring nothing more than a spotty shower left over, in terms of presip we're basically done. again watch out for the debris. watch out for the puddles, going to slow you down be meisha got more on that. in the meantime expect these temperatures that are mild and comfortable right now, not going to last. we stay steady through the day and gradually decline as the cold air starts to take over for our area. >> looking ahead one night this weekend? >> i will have there for you coming up in the seven-day, there is a silver lining. and flooding out there on the roads. we do have flooding, especially new jersey, keeping my eye on that area, if you're waking up, your damp roadways, highways, interstates, pooling off to the shoulder on to the bridge, bridge decks side streets, when you get out to the suburbs area, we do have flooding in new jersey before i go there, let's go to north wales, route 309 is what you're
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looking at right now, looking ok. this is what you're going to be seeing, damp roadways, we can expect that after the storm that went through last night. woodhaven road headlights moving in the eastbound direction at the boulevard. look how quiet. one of the blessings of having a storm, i suppose the next morning mean wake up and go i'm going to all the way this one out, not before a idea. if you're thinking about hitting the roadways, a lot of looking good, pretty darn quiet. and they're just looking damp. let's talk about flooding for those of you in new jersey. route 130 at 47. all lanes are blocked in this area. you have to use an alternate. 295 will be your best bet. also route 130 between 322 and hocks bridge road, one lane still blocked there. that will slow you down as we push into 6:00 and 7:00. mass transit paoli thorndale running fewer cars, route 10 be 11 and 13 trollies delayed because of high flood waters, pooling water on road lincoln
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drive on northbound. more coming up owners of home and businesses are checking for damages this morning after the strong storms rumbleed through the region. justin finch joining us from abington not far from where a downed tree is more than an inconvenience stopping some people up. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tree is gone. as you mentioned i'm on meeting house road from greenwood avenue to fox chase, this area is going to be closed. peco crews are due to come here's get to work on restoring wires that were damaged in that tree fall yesterday. tree also fell in cheltenham last night. i want to show you that video from last night about 9:00 p.m. in cheltenham. a tree fell on this home here near new 2nd street and east church. that was again, about 9:00 last night. two people were inside, luckily none were injured. were you the obviously, some very heavy structural damage to that home. that was the same issue over in
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lawncrest. where heavy winds knocked down a burger king sign. this is on rising sun avenue. there were people inside workers and patrons who were inside eating enjoying their burger king on a regular stormy night when that sign tilted over and fell down. they thought the sign might actually go through roof. luckily. it did not but the stormy conditions did can't throughout the night. complicating traffic people getting around in the long crest area. back out i want to show you what you may see on roads this morning, on meeting house, one of these large branches here is in the roadway. you want to watch out for this debris as you make your way in your cars this morning. there are still lots of things on the road. we haven't seen yet. what the sun still being down, but once it gets up, damaged homes, other issues will be seeing much more clearly. again, take it easy as you travel this morning. erika, back over to you. >> thank you for update. good to here the tree is out. meanwhile a louisiana woman
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is sharing her story of survival. atally she can't believe. she was home when a tornado rip through her rv park. the twister picked her up and swung her all around. >> i felt stuff hitting the trailer or the rv, next thing i know i went forward, and next thing i know, it was daylight and i was riding around and around. then i didn't realize until later what it was. it was a electrical box i was riding on. >> you were in the air? >> yes. i could see everything on the ground. >> incredible. barbara was found in the rubble and her r v was destroyed. unfortunately two people died at that rv park. 5:37. in business news, the most hated company in america and also what
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gave stocks a boost. money watchers henna daniels joins us. happen to see that boost. good morning. >> good morning, erika. it's about time. new oil member show a decline in production and a possible rise in demand. sent stocks higher wednesday, dow ended up 53, nasdaq 39. ladies go ask for now raise, a container builder survey find one in five human resource managers admit women earn less than men. the survey of more than 3,000 worker find men are nearly three times as likely to earn six figures. j. cpenny will start selling merchandise for a penny. unvaguely a new slogan called get your penny's worth's it will involve house brands like arizona line of products. this is the chain's latest effort to turn around declining sales. aber crom with and furnish is named most hated company in america.
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the clothing company's efforts to turn around sales is not working and customers have reported negative experiences with the store. wal-mart came in second on notorious list. rochester based mega supermarket wegman's. >> we'll folk on it positive here, thanks so much. campaign 2016, republican presidential hopeful is he not to houston for another debate. donald trump hoping to game. marco rubio and ted cruz believe they can stop the billionaire businessman. meanwhile, south carolina democrats hold their primary in two days. polls there show hillary clinton is way ahead of bernie sanders. two legal challenges seek to block john kasick and ted cruz from the pennsylvania primary on april 26. a marco rubio activity questioned the signatures to get
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kasick on the ballot. the next day cruz go to court. the others say cruz is not qualified to run for president because he was born in canada. this was cool. a letter from president john f. kennedy to a young fan up for sale here in philadelphia. that letter was sent to 5-year-old rita knight rita wanted to use two cents to buy a bus ticket from her louisiana kentucky home to washington. kennedy wrote back. he sent that letter to surprise rita and to say hello. the dealer was unable to track down the current information on rita. that letter is set to go up for sale for $15,000. 5:40. apple steps up it's fight against government. bold
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battle between apple and the fbi is intensifying this morning. new york times reports apple engineers are working on new security measures that would make it impossible for the government to break into a locked iphone. done championhip has more from apple ceo tim cook. >> reporter: amid it's battle with the federal government. principle feels like it's winning in the court of public opinion >> if we allow this to happen everything will be an open book. >> reporter: a federal judge ruled that apple had to help fbi unlock the iphone of syed
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farook, one of two terror suspects who killed 14 people during a shooting spree in san bernardino in december. >> we need to stand at all on principle. >> reporter: if it is first interview since judge's ruling, tim cook told abc wednesday the farook case isn't about the phone but the future >> what is at steak the government compel apple to write somewhere that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world including the u.s. >>reporter: sources tell cbs3 news apple plans to argue in part the american people through congress should decide on the issue. before a house committee wednesday attorney general loretta lynch maintained the government isn't oversteping it's boundaries >> it's a longstanding principle in our justice system if an independent judge finds reason to believe that a certain item contains evidence of a crime. that judge can authorize go. to conduct a limited search for
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that evidence. >> reporter: apple has until tomorrow to appeal the judge's ruling. done championhip for cbs3 "eyewitness news". love it or hate it. seems like everyone is talking about facebook emotional make over. the social media unveiled a new set of reactions in addition to the transitional thumbs up. you can respond to posts with a heart. laughing face, surprised face or angry face, a lot of options, you'll find robss on your smart phone by holding down like button. on the computer you have to move your mouse over the like button to see different options. katie, what do you think love, hate don't care >> i'm a little indifferent. because usually if i come in on stuff on facebook, i'm not necessarily liking i'm writing a comment. i've seen will the of people as they call it reacting to stuff on my facebook page which i think is cool in that regard. i don't know if it's something i'll use that much but hey, there you have it. it's available. let's go ahead and take a look
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back in time here. not a reference to back to the future. eyewitness weather watcher network, we're going back to last night when we had a handful, quite a few weather watchers reporting on all stormy weather they were seeing, i want to folk in on a couple these. he came into us with 59 about seven hours ago down at that point. he said there were heavy rain, thunderstorms, strong wind gusts, he had a peak gusts at 44 miles per hour on his observation site. 60 came in from william in left town, he said it rained over half inch with high wind gusts in under 15 minutes. another report coming in from new jersey, where it was nice and mild where robert was, 62 in clementon at seven hour ago with the hard rain and gusts excess of 55 miles per hour. one more to show you down near the shore. james out in ocean city had nasty thunderstorms. he said the brom meter was fall fast and the rain was falling
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faster indicating the low pressure system we were dealing with and speaking of. that low pressure system is still a monster of a system. thankfully the brunt of it is gone. here's the front that crossed through nasty thunderstorms still crossing through portions of new england, don't worry about any of this. snow it's not going to get cold enough. the storm is still here for us, we're looking at a lingering shower this morning. can we look ahead to good news? as we count down to spring here, the days are dwindling before daylight saving time begins you'll be springing forward losing the hour but it's springtime. officially begins according in 24 days, 39 days until our average high is 60. awfully mild out there even right now. temperatures gradually declining and a whooping 46 days until the phillies home opener. it's getting closer. speaking of that daytime high being averaging out at 60, we got a believe co-of days coming up here sunday and monday both awful mild for the standards back to the here and now. aside from the fact temperatures
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are declining, stout aside from the fact you still got showers out there not you're also going to be dealing with wind. i think those gusts could still peak as high as 35 miles per hour any time. meisha >> we are certainly seeing our cameras still being affected by the wind, which we know can affect traffic. overall i will say that what we're seeing, we have been seeing flooding in new jersey. overall the roadways in terms of the highways and starlets interstates are looking ok, just damp. looks we got early risers just starting to hit the roadways. good morning and welcome aboard. we've been waiting for you. the vine starting to heat up ever so slightly westbound and eastbound but you're still in great company if you're heading out to the vine any time soon. 42 freeway in jersey, this is an area starting to heat up if you take 295 this is what you're looking at, still traveling at posted speeds, especially since it's not even 6:00 hour. we do have flooding, like i said right 130 at 47, all lanes still
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blocked. you will have to use an alternate 295 this is going to slow you down. flooding, right 130 between route 322 at hocks bridge road. in the world of mass transit since i was talking about that earlier been cleared. this is lincoln drive at rittenhouse street and southbound at gypsy lane, make note of that for those of you traveling in or around this area. an accident limekiln pike. erika back over to you. get ready to get moving philadelphia, a first of it's kind fitness program is about get under way to get the city from fastest to fitist. pat, good morning. >> reporter: erika, i started the work-out. heart pumping, racing already because i'm here at city fitness at 4th and walnut. it's this challenge where you can win money for working out and people who are going to tell
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me about this and the city of philadelphia about this, from city fitness is tom the marketing director. where did this happen? >> few year back, rang does philadelphia as one of the fastest cities in the u.s. we wanted a to see what we could do to make it one of the fitist. a company called my zone heart rate technology company. we can create a virtual gym where everyone working out with my zone technology can work out together. we started city-wide challenge. measuring everybody against each other trying to get as many involved and see were we can do do get entire city up and moving this month. >> reporter: so far so good. >> i'm having a good time, everyone having a good time. life is hard. >> reporter: you're one of the influenceers of this challenge along with coner barwin of the philadelphia eagles. >> i'm active in the fitness community and influenceers are
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motivating us, get up, be active, motivate each other and gets the city moving towards being fiter and healthier. >> this is the person to that's going to give me the motivation. tell me what we're going to do and what you've been doing. >> here we got live training, all functional movement. we're focus on having you look, move and feel better. having group motivation keeping you going. >> reporter: i'm going already this morning. it's not even 6:00. i've broken a sweat. these guys are going to show me what they do. let's do it. i'm going to jump in in a minute as well. i don't want to because the kettle bell swings are tough and my legs are killing me already this morning but erika i got to do it. i'll toss it back to you and get started. >> come on, let's see it. get the kettle bell. what are you doing? come on, pat, you're stronger than that. there you go. that will get your heart rate up. looking good out there. keep doing that. we'll check in in another hour.
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like 2000 reps? that sound good? no stretching. pat gallen. ok. we'll see you in the next hour. thank you. coming up a major milestone for a hit show. we'll show you how they
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the academy awards is this this sunday and preparations well under way. crews rolled out the red carpet in los angeles yesterday. lights, bleachers and huge oscar statues are now up. the oscars is hollywood's most prestigious award. can't wait one of the funest shows, tonight is the 200th episode of the big bang theory. last nine seasons we watched and laughed along with sheldon penny and rest. the group will celebrate sheldon's birthday for the first time on the show. also promising special cameo and return of favorite old characters. you don't want to miss what they have in store it's tonight at 8:00 richard uright here on cbs3 the music of ray charles fills the white house and gets
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president up and dancing. it's ray charles you got to move to it. the president and first lady join stars like usher, yo less than today adams and more last night paying tribute to ray charles. this is the president's final music tribute program. it airs this friday. so you can watch it at 9:00 on cbs. coming up in the next hour, are you sleep deprived? probably. according to the cdc, one in three adults does not get enough sleep but we can help. dr. jen will stop by with five things you can do before bed to get a better night sleep. and who can resist this face? little croucho marks.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" good morning, folks in lancaster county are dealing with a real mess. check that out. if they want to know if it was a tornado. one of those buildings was a school house, live with closer look at that damage and also what weather officials will be looking for as they tour area today. also flooded roads and downed trees are causing problems in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. we'll point out when the trouble spots remaining things morning.
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the worse definitely behind us, take a look right now at stormscan 3, we could still see a lingering shower this morning. good morning to you, it's thursday, february 25th, i'm erika von tiehl. just now 6:00 a.m. already 54 degrees, we have big changes coming up in the forecast, check in with katie on it warm for once sky deck and meisha is watching the roads. good morning. >> warm outside maybe on the roadways we're starting to heat up in terms of volume levels. my question katie, are we done with the storm >> basically done with the worse of what the presip had to offer but we're still going to be dealing with wind and we'll explain as we move forward. for now, at least you don't need the umbrella on the sky deck, as we go to the maps, and what you're going to find the facts that there are showers falling across portions of our area, what you see here through the western most counties is the residualma


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